Højst Besynderlige Typer

‘Peculiar People’ is a drama-comedy about ever-ironic, sunglass-wearing Martin. Now in his 40s, Martin proposes to his girlfriend of many years. She just laughs at this offer and leaves him. Martin ventures into the night, gets black-out drunk and wakes up next morning on the floor in a commune of twentysomethings having no idea how he ended there. That Sunday will be the day his life changes. In the company of his long lost best friend, the flamboyant misfit Knud and a new friend, the young, irrepressible Freya, Martin walks through the sun-soaked city. As day turns into night, the three find laughter, tears, and hope.

Feature Film, 2023

Starring: Brian Lykke, Rasmus Bjerg, Thit Aaberg, Stine Schrøder Jensen, Özlem Saglanmak, Aske Bang m.fl.

Directed by: Mikael Wulff

Written by: Mikael Wulff

Feature Film
Drama, Comedy
84 min.
Produced by
New Creations
December, 2023