‘5 x Allan’ stars the quintuplets Allan, Allan, Allan, Allan and Allan. In every episode the boys, as a very last resort, are called in as temp teachers at the local public school. The Allans have boundless creativity and never fails to put their own spin on any scenario. The quintuplets don’t just take things to a new level. They twist them, turn them upside down, and smash them with ecstatic abandon. The show is a celebration of the wild imagination of kids. 

TV-specials, 2023

Starring: Mikael Wulff, Stine Schrøder Jensen, Thit Aaberg, Allan Hyde & Stine Rosenfeldt Bjerregaard

Directed by: Pernille Bønløkke Toustrup & Anders Morgenthaler

Written by: Pernille Bønløkke Toustrup &  Mikael Wulff

Family, Comedy
15 x 5 minutes
Produced by
New Creations
December, 2023